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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Thinker by Rodin on The Benfranklin Parkway Philadelphia

Probably 1 of the best known sculptures ever made: The Thinker

This is located in front of The Rodin Museum on The Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on the outskirts of Center City in Fairmount Park, literally down the street from The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and not far from my old apartment, down the street.

Ben Franklin Parkways a very lovely! Let me show you!

Walking towards the Art Museum, away from Center City, on the right hand side of the parkway, after the Barnes Foundation, you will wander along the sidewalk path... like this:

This was in September, it was very hot, and I liked the angle of the sunlight at the time I shot this.

 It's a really lovely park. You keep forgetting it's a park, or even in a City sometimes, because it's so vast!

It's really nice! You will always see people jogging, pushing baby strollers, walking dogs, and sometimes even someone on horseback, usually a cop.

Then, off to the side here, if you take notice, you'll start to notice a building structure... with columns.

You probably won;t notice the statue, yet, but it's there...

So, as you continue walking, you will come across a path which leads to the buidling gates to the courtyard of the Rodin Museum...

But, before you would even be so bold as to enter, you will notice HIM: THE THINKER

As I stood there, trying to find great angles, many times other folks would seem to pop up out of no where and stand there for a looooong time just gazing at him.
This is typical of ART... I would know, I'm an artist...
So, I would wait for them to go, so I could continue shooting... but, also this was a popular cellphone photo shooting place! ben Franklin Parkways is LOADED with popular places where you will see tourusts or locals shooting pix on their smartphones!

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