Monday, June 25, 2018

Test Footage Filming at Hidden Pond in Hingham MA

Behind Wholefoods at Derby Street Shops in Hingham MA is a little spot called "Hidden Pond". I was there this evening before sunset, and most of the cool carved sculptures were gone. Very disappointing.

But, I did manage to get some video footage B-Roll on my action camera/camcorder the AKASO EK7000.

I also got bit a lot by mosquitoes.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The World's End Park in Hingham MA

 It turns out that The World's End is actually a REAL PLACE, and it's in Hingham Massachusetts not far from where I live.

It's right here on Yelp too. 

Well, I've been scouting out shooting locations for a cosplay atistic style of TV show for WCA9 TV in Weymouth, and 1 place I wanted VERY MUCH to check out was The World's End, which is actually a private property nonprofit Park.


But, the reviews and photos of The World's End park were amazingly gorgeous! And, it it was highly rated.

My friend, and co-director, Roland, drove up there with me today, and they lady in the little hunt talked to us, and I even had to sign a waver. It's at least $6 per person, and $100 for a wedding, and there's also a membership price if you want that.

She was very kind, and generous and spoke to us for quite a while, and even gave me a lot of information, literature, and so on, and generously allowed us to take some sample photos.

Unfortunately, the lighting today was not ideal, and very cloudy. But, I did manage to get a lot of interesting footage.

It's SUPER CLEAN too. No liter at all.

If I had funds to shoot here I would.

I'm very grateful for letting us walk around and take some photos. 

Roland posing for me

Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline on zoom telephoto lens

Boston Skyline on Telephoto Zoom lens

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Webb Memorial Park in North Weymouth Test Photos for Filming

Boston Skyline: This photo was shot using my new zoom lens
 I've been shooting a lot of test footage for a TV show I'm producing for WCA9 TV in Weymouth (MA). SO, I've been scouting places to film at.

These are several of the test shoots from the test filming & B-Roll I shot up at Webb Memorial Park in North Weymouth which is a favorite place of mine.

 I used 2 different lenses for these. The lighting wasn't quite what I wanted, but it wasn;t terrible. I brought all my filters with me.

If these cliffs look different, it's because THEY ARE. Durring the massive storms like super hurricanes, nor'easters, and blizzards part of the mountain cliffs broke off, and fell into the bay. In the spot above, last year, there were benches and picnic tables. But now it's fenced off.