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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New England Autumn Mirror Lake

 The lake was like a mirror. You could see the clouds and the foliage like a mirror.

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Greenish New England October Foliage

Kind of a disappointing  Autumn foliage this year. Too greenish, and too much tropical rain storms.

Very greenish.

I photographed these in a park at the border of Braintree & Weymouth, against my better judgement. Wasn't my idea. I KNEW is would be too green!

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Early October Sunset in Boston by Mass Pike Towers

Very green this October. This was early this October.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anna May Wong?

I have a number of persons whom inspire me as an artist, photographer, etc.

When I play around with my self portraits, there's 1 in particular that most people don;t understand. I often say "Anna May Wong" or "Ode to Anna May Wong".

So, What does that mean?

Yeah, I get that alot....

OK, so obviously, Anna May Wong was a person.


Well, back when movies, or motion pictures were invented, not only were they black & white, but they also didn't have any sound. NO audio! (In case you didn't know that... believe me, lots of people don't know that.)

 The motion picture industry in California were usually cast by Caucasian actors. But, they cast a woman whom wasn't to be the villains, or a victim. She was litter ally THE 1st ever Chinese movies star, and it's was in Hollywood.

Generally, she died in every film shot in Hollywood. But, she also was in films in Europe.

Silent film actors had to tell the stories through acting but without words, so it was very common that they wore dark eye make-up and used their eyes & body gestures to convey mood, intention, anticipation, character, and so on.

Since Anna was generally the villain character, there were often scenes of her eyes looking from side angle. Her promotional photos were often similar. She was very good at this.

I also like to use my hands in photos, which most people don't do.

But, generally when I say "Anna May Wong" I mean her facial poses with her side glaring eyes.

I started doing it off the top of my head, just to be funny and try something different, when I realized I actually liked the results in my portraits. So, sometimes I will still use it.

I can show you what I mean:

 So, that's pretty much what I mean...