Monday, June 4, 2012

Kate Mulgrew @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

 Despite the poor lighting, Kate is actually quite beautiful! The camera just really doesn't do her justice.
 She discussed the pressures of being the 1st female Star Trek Captain, and her own hand in making Captain Janeway a sexier character. In season 1 she was more masculine, but by season 2 she changed her up by making her case. She thanked the fans for believing in Janeway and her portrail of the character. 

 Mulgrew got somewhat heckled by a person in the audience asking ridiculous questions, and really stupid remarks at her. Not only did she have some great comebacks, retorts, 1-liners, and zingers, the guys also joined in, and tactfully made fun of the fool whom asked such stupid things.
Kate said she would like very much for the holodeck to be real, and how much she'd very much like to have one.

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