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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Collins Park: Chestnut Street Philadelphia

John F. Collins Park: 
Chestnut Street
Center City Philadelphia 費城! 
(Not far from Rittenhouse)

 Collins Park is 1 of those special hidden gems in Center City. It's located on Chestnut Street. You would never know it's there unless you stumble upon it, which is literally how I found it in in 1998. Altho' I remember it differently. Somehow in my mind I remembered it with spheres on the fountains/pedistools. I went looking for it, but I couldn't quite remember it clearly in my mind, nor where exactly it was. So, either my memory was off (which very well could be) or it changed.
But, I KNEW it was the right place when I saw the gate! There's a special gate, and at certain times the gates are closed. You never really know why, because I've been around during various parts of the day or night when it was open or closed.

 Collins Park is like a secret garden, with a modern art zen fusion. I could easily see it in video of my friends belly dancing or doing a yoga class video, or even an MTV video... maybe 1980s-1990s synth Pop... who knows?

I wish I had sought out this place earlier because they have a live music series of musicians playing music inside the small park. I had JUST missed it when I got there.
Maybe I will try again to catch it tomorrow.
 For more info about the live music series see information here.


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