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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunset At Philadelphia Museum of Art: LOW HUMIDITY


So, this was a bit of a dream come true for me! Only thing is, this was a low humidity day, so the colors weren't quite as rich as if it has been HIGH HUMIDITY.

The LAST week of JUNE and the FIRST week of JULY is THE BEST time to shoot to get the specific light & colors.

I shot these on July 2nd, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in near Center City. 費城! 

 I used to live on Ben Franklin Parkway in 1999. But, from 1998-2001 and a few other years after when I was in Philly, end of June and Early July, I would take special notice of the sun sets behind the Art Museum. From about 2000-2004 there were many renovations done back there, so it's much different now. But, the sunsets are special JUST at this time, and ONLY from specific locations at the Museum.
There are 2 gazebos there. I've shot at the waterfront LARGE gazebo in 2011 for a wedding with a special permit. But, This time was FREE.

 The sunsets still look good in Spring & Fall, but this specific Solstice time is especially unique. THE COLORS! I know this because I also PAINT, and studied Meteorology in Environmental sciences, as well as 3D CGI rendering. So, I NEEDED to know this stuff.

I finally got MY chance to shoot here, since my camera is at least good enough. This project took me several hours.
I needed to bring my tripod.

I will try to make another attempt this week, during high humidity. This will hopefully get more RICH reds in the sky.

Some of these DO use filters.

 If you wish to see more, Museum Sun Set in Philly

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