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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ridiculous Tons of Compacted SNOW!: Blizzard of 2015 Mid Feb in New England

Ridiculous Tons of Compacted SNOW & Blizzards!

I have already blogged some of these photos on another blog of mine, so if you've already seen or read it, I'm sorry...

These were shot on February 12th, 2015
South Weymouth (Mass) USA
South Shore Greater Boston
New England

By mid February this snow had become so friggin' ridiculous that I often was uninterested in even looking out the window... and my bedroom window more than half way snowed-in with piles and piles of snow. If you think these photos look crazy, there was more that followed this, and I just didn't even bother to photograph it. Not only that but it was so cold, that it was often below ZERO degrees Fahrenheit! (0 degrees C = 32 degrees F)

A photo posted by Kandice Zimblemam-Wang 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on

A photo posted by Kandice Zimblemam-Wang 任思麒 (@blackunigryphon) on
As you can see, the window of my bedroom is snowed in!

This stuff is NUTS! CRAZY
I've just about HAD IT UP TO HERE LITERALLY! And this is the visual to prove it!

It snowed the rest of the month usually every day, or night, and all night, or all day, sometimes with a few breaks, and sometimes some rain, then it would snow again, or we'd get an arctic blast of wind...

It's March now, and YES, we've had some snow this month also... 

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