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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Whitman's Pond Lotus 001

I've actually put off publishing these photographs of the lotus blossoms I shot in the summer.
I did public some to my Flickr, and many of them are edited.
But these are untouched/unedited.

Whitman's Pond Summer 2014
Weymouth Mass. Greater Boston
New England

I had issued with getting actually over to the pond, since I don't actually have my own car, and my spouse is moody. There were also complications of weather and parts of the day. I actually don;t like to shoot at high noon in summer because it white washes everything. Sometimes it was too cloudy, rainy, storms, tropical storms blowing up from the Caribbean, Nor'easters, Hurricanes, etc. The story of my meager photographer's life... meh... also, the water lilies don't seem to like to open after mid day, and prefer the morning.... but they are inconsistent with that...

I did use some filters on there. I don't recall which ones, but I had to use them because the glare & sunlight can damage your eyes, and it was also very painful to try shooting without them, and I got a headache.

Also, you will see sometimes I tend to use Dutch Tilt style.... I don't know why, I just do...
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