Tuesday, June 16, 2015

North Weymouth Wessagussett

After we spent time at Webb Park, we drove down the road to Wessagussett beach, which I'm not sure of whether it's part of Geat Hill Park or what?

There was a giant crane doing some kind of construction work which was really different.

The people on the beach by the Yacht Club were the nicest, friendliest folks I have EVER met anywhere at random in Weymouth EVER! It was so strange for me, since everyone is usually a jerk, rude, stuck-up, cold, snippy, grumpy, or nasty.

People actually asked how old my daughter was, her name, complimented her bikini, and told me she was cute... and she's not in diapers anymore, so that's just strange around here... I've been to so many local functions, festivals, events, and people are never as sweet as this... I'm talking, like, normal human being behaviors. Yes, seriously!

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