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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tons and Tons of Snow: February Blizzard of 2015 New England

My last photo set in the entry before this one was shot on the 8th, and this was the very next day:  
February 9th, 2015.
I just recall it constantly snowing, and being so very, very dark all the time.
Not only were the windows covered in plastice, and taped, but the curtains were kept closes, whcih was even more dark, and never felt like daytime, even in mid day.

We spent time in one room, with the doors closed, to keep the heat in only the main living area of the home. The bedrooms were kept freezing cold, unless my spouse was trying desperately to keep up with his materials to begin his next semester at Boston University.

Good Deeds
The weather was so terrible that no one ever went outside, and the maintenance people also couldn't always go out to plow or shovel the snow, and the neighbors left their automobiles in piles of snow. 

I have temperature sensitivity asthma and I can't go outside in below freezing temperatures, and I'd JUST gotten past the long illness I'd had since October. So, when my neighbor, the elder lady, whom suffered many times from cancer, the cancer treatments, and then the aftermath or remission causing her to became incredibly overweight and other complications that came with that my spouse often did her work for her. He's Chinese and one must be respectful to the elderly in Chinese culture, even tho' in China people can be so mean to old people, which often seems contradictory. He also helped several of the neighbors, even the cantankerous old semi-racist ones.

The elder lady was so appreciative of my spouse helping her, and often kept trying to pay him. But, he's Chinese and feel shameful for taking money from elderly when he feels it's his duty to do this work. If he took the money, he would feel as tho' he lost face, and dishonored himself. She kept trying, however, and even tried to buy him a gift card.

There was an old Shaolin proverb I recall: 
"Sometimes to say thank you cheapens the gift."

This kind of weather, I find, makes me depressed. I hate it. So I often blogged, or stayed in bed, or found things for my daughter to do. We baked stuff, or played games. I felt very unproductive, and there was just no point in trying to search for jobs... :-/

I tried to get some shots of the back parkinglot.

It was hellish chaos.

I don't even think you can see anything....

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