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Monday, June 4, 2012

Avery Brooks @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

 When the show 1st started , 1 of the 1st questions was directed towards him. He gave the most beautiful and moving answer that was about 3-4 min' long.

After that, he answered all questions with 1 word answers: yes, no, or just in 1 word, or a funny comment and lots of funny gestures and facial expressions.

This became a running joke after a while, and the camera man would often defer to questions which got no answers and awkward silence by panning back to Avery many many times over.

This would make the audience wild with laughter that the stars seemed to oblivious as to understand what was so funny!

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Kate Mulgrew @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

 Despite the poor lighting, Kate is actually quite beautiful! The camera just really doesn't do her justice.
 She discussed the pressures of being the 1st female Star Trek Captain, and her own hand in making Captain Janeway a sexier character. In season 1 she was more masculine, but by season 2 she changed her up by making her case. She thanked the fans for believing in Janeway and her portrail of the character. 

 Mulgrew got somewhat heckled by a person in the audience asking ridiculous questions, and really stupid remarks at her. Not only did she have some great comebacks, retorts, 1-liners, and zingers, the guys also joined in, and tactfully made fun of the fool whom asked such stupid things.
Kate said she would like very much for the holodeck to be real, and how much she'd very much like to have one.

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Scott Bakula @ Comic Con

 1 of the most noticeable things about Scott Bakula in person is how stunningly gorgeous the man is! He has this radient, glowing, Elven-like beauty! And, his vibrant & witty personality adds to it!

However, the camera JUST can't capture what the human eye can see! The lighting wasn't so great, but to the naked eye, Scott is breathtaking!

But, even the video of him on the large screen made him appear like an old sickly man needing to go to the hospital... yet, look away and strait at Scott and it's like looking at a divine beauty!

Talk about frustrating! (for a photographer)

 In person the man has this aura, and his skin GLOWS!

Why oh why can't the camera see it?

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Patrick Stewart @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

I was super psyched when I found out that ALL 5 Star Trek captains were coming to Comic Con!

My favorite of them all (and I love them all) was Patrick Stewart!

Not only that but he photographs the best of them all despite the poor lighting.

 Patric Stewart told of his nervousness that he would get fired or canceled as the Captain because he was English.

He told of how he loosened up, and after telling everyone to stop having so much fun, that he became more open and humorous. He also taught the other cast members to be more respectful & considerate of the other crew members on the set whom put in more time than the actors did.

He told about how it was difficult for him to memorize his lines, and wished that he had Data's fictional ability to recall anything he'd read or heard, and that it was much more difficult for him now that he was older.

Despite his many jokes and wisecracks about his age he was very physically fit, muscular, very witty, and seemed to be enjoying himself a lot! 
 Of his most memorable days of shooting, he told about an incident in which a character was trapped beneath heavy rock/stone, and had to be blasted out, then had to reach in abruptly and grab the actress. However, on the 1st take, he reached in to grab her but grabbed her breasts instead, and was utterly mortified with himself!
Stewart talks about how proud he was to work on the Star Trek show, and also joked about playing William Shatner in Shatner's 1 man show.

Then, he announced he would have his own Broadway show soon, but couldn't say anything else.

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Photos of The 5 Star Trek Captains at Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

The 1 event (other than Comic Con its self) I was waiting for was the show event with ALL 5 Star Trek Captains.

Special thanks to my friend Steve Marcus, otherwise I'd never have been able to photograph these at all.

The lighting in The Theater (Comic Con Philadelphia Convention Center in Center City) made it a challenge to photograph, and also caused the actors to look older than they actually look to the naked eye, in person.

1 person in particular whom was absolutely radiant & glowing in an Elven vibrance was Scott Bakula whom was absolutely breathtaking & gorgeous! But, the camera just didn't do his good looks any justice.

The person whom photographed the best was Patrick Stewart. He was very photogenic, and every frame of him looked rather good, even when not in an ideal pose, gesture, or otherwise.

 The actors got bored waiting for the show to start, and the seating started slowly. So, they all hopped on scooters and drove around the theater everywhere like funny clowns!

They had very jolly personalities. 

(Patrick Stewart & Kate Mulgrew or Captain Picard & Captain Janeway on a scooter)
( Avery Brooks or Commander Sisko on his scooter)

At 1 point, a fan told a story about herself, and then asked Patrick Stewart for a hug. The management seemed very unhappy about it, then droned on about rules i.e. paid stuff but, William Shatner shouted "Give her a hug! Go giver her a hug!"

Then, he kept on insisting to "Give that girl a hug!" Until he began chanting "Give her a hug! Give her a hug! Give Her a hug!" Then, the audience joined in!

Finally, Patrick Stewart stood up in a blaze of glory, as tho' a super hero himself, and jumped off the stage like Super Man! Apparently VERY physically fit for a man whom kept making remarks about being so old. And, he hugged the lady!

The audience went wild with cheers!

 Patrick Stewart hugs a fan
Patrick Stewart hugs a Star Trek fan
(My friend Steve in the frame)

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