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Monday, August 25, 2014

New Jersey Tomatoes

Locally, they're generally referred to as "Jersey Tomatoes".

These are from my father's garden. There's so many, we can't even eat them all!

New Jersey has a special kind of soil with sand in it, which is why it's called "The Garden State".
If you grow some seeds from one tomato on the shores of the Delaware River in New Jersey, and then cross the river to Pennsylvania and plant the rest of the seeds, they will grow ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. They also won't taste or look the same.

Also, I've noticed that whether they're organic, GMO, or hybrid, regardless the jersey Tomatoes have more pigmentation to them both raw, and most especially when cooked, and stain your clothes very easily, and it's hard to wash out.

We pureed lots of them, and I took a giant bag home with me. Yum!

We spent about half a day squeezing some tomatoes into puree and here's the large pot boiling it down. It smells good, and natural. 
No additives or anything yet. I sat (or stood) here & hung out w/dad for a while, and he gave me an old pewter teapot. ^_^

And, there ya have it! 

"Black UniGryphon" TM 烏獨角獸
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang 任思麒 ©2014

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