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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morning in Ocean City New Jersey

THE best day in New Jersey was the day my baby brother & his family (he's almost 30) took mysef, my daughter, my father, and my step-mother to Ocean City New Jersey.

You can tell it's the morning because there' not as many people on the beach yet...

Ocean City was 1 of the places that was utterly decimated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012... ironically the Goveorner Christie was actually THERE that day, and I literally saw him about a yard and a half from me. He' nowhere near as large as on TV, and he's very polite in person... I'm just not as big of a fan as everyone else is.

Anyways, Ocean City has made a major come-back so naturally the governor is popular there, and he was hosting or judging the local dog show thingy...

I was born in Willingboro, so going to the jersey Shore was a staple in my life until about I was 17 years old... and I've NEVER seen a beach THIS CLEAN in New Jersey EVER! There was ONLY ONE PIECE OF LITTER! THE WHOLE DAY! 

Rehobeth & Lewes Delaware were generally much cleaner, but this eclipses ANYTHING in Delaware!

You could see the sand through the water!

My daughter had NEVER been to a real beach, other than the bay-style beaches in Greater Boston which are ice-cold year long and covered with sharp rocks & shell shards. She had also NEVER been to a Boardwalk!

See that strangely shaped building in the skyline? (Slanted roof) A local man told me it was a bankrupt casion that was empty, and billions of dollars wasted.

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