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Monday, June 4, 2012

Patrick Stewart @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

I was super psyched when I found out that ALL 5 Star Trek captains were coming to Comic Con!

My favorite of them all (and I love them all) was Patrick Stewart!

Not only that but he photographs the best of them all despite the poor lighting.

 Patric Stewart told of his nervousness that he would get fired or canceled as the Captain because he was English.

He told of how he loosened up, and after telling everyone to stop having so much fun, that he became more open and humorous. He also taught the other cast members to be more respectful & considerate of the other crew members on the set whom put in more time than the actors did.

He told about how it was difficult for him to memorize his lines, and wished that he had Data's fictional ability to recall anything he'd read or heard, and that it was much more difficult for him now that he was older.

Despite his many jokes and wisecracks about his age he was very physically fit, muscular, very witty, and seemed to be enjoying himself a lot! 
 Of his most memorable days of shooting, he told about an incident in which a character was trapped beneath heavy rock/stone, and had to be blasted out, then had to reach in abruptly and grab the actress. However, on the 1st take, he reached in to grab her but grabbed her breasts instead, and was utterly mortified with himself!
Stewart talks about how proud he was to work on the Star Trek show, and also joked about playing William Shatner in Shatner's 1 man show.

Then, he announced he would have his own Broadway show soon, but couldn't say anything else.

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