Monday, June 4, 2012

William Shatner @ Comic Con 2012 Philadelphia

 If anyone is the Top Dog of Star Trek, it's Bill Shatner!

All the other cast members envied his Broadway 1-Man show, and wanted to play him in it!

He had a number of funny competitive moments with Scott Bakula. Really funny stuff!

Shatner was really sentimental towards the audience and even got helped a lucky fan to get a hug from Patrick Stewart despite management's protesting of it. He KNEW exactly how to work the audience, and was a true master of what he does.

He LOVED to discuss ANYTHING, was very good at it, but was also very good about letting others to speak as well.

He spoke about a documentary which he's made & produced about Trekies & Star Trek fans called "Get a Life" and in the process of it he said he learned that it meant something much much more than what it meant to the cast members, and that by us actively participating in the process that it gave hope to millions, inspired people to create & invent marvelous things and accomplishments, and that we were all a part of a living mythology which was meaningful.

Many of the stars told of instances in which they were chosen to speak to real astronauts and were so grateful to do so.

Yet again, Shatner looks really good in person, the lighting and the camera doesn;t do him any justice.

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