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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LOVE Park Goes Green in Philadelphia (Evening Experimental)

These were a number of projects I'd been wanting to get to, but everything got screwed up for me. So, I decided to make the most of my time, since my body was suffering from exhaustion... so, I just headed into Center City, and decided to just let myself go wherever... 
I was thinking Fairmount Park... But, no idea what, nor where... and since I had NO CAR The Plateau was out of the question, PLUS my friend bailed on me, so I couldn't do Plateau nor The Morris Arboretum like I wanted... but, that's how the cookie crumbles... *shrugs*  

So, since I noticed that LOVE Park was FRIGGIN' GREEN I thought I'd do an eveing shoot on the way back... needless to say there were SO many friggin' people at LOVE PARK, MORE than normal! For crying out loud, it's September, AND a week-night! I didn't even see that many folks there on a Saturday night IN THE SUMMER! 

It's because the WATER IS FRIGGIN' GREEN! 

There were taxis just droppin' people off to see the GREEN! AND, they're just hang out! I'm not talkin' skaters & stoners! NO, I mean, like ANYONE! EVERYONE! 

So.... anyways... I experimented with anything that came to mind on this one! 


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