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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clear Evening at Logan Square Swan Fountain

These are the photos which I took during full-on night. It got chilly (to me anyways, I'm used to the heat already but we got an slight arctic jet stream cold front that swept in on Sunday).

Many of these I shot on various exposures, in many different apatures. My main focous was to experiment with "Tv", but I also used Manual, "Landscape", Low Level Light, and I even experimented with "Sport" for blurs...

Since my battery is pretty worn-out, barely hold a charge, and a new one is in the mail as I write this, I had to switch off my automatic focus, and focous manually, because the low battery confused the electronic components of the camera. I also realized I had the stableizer off on my lens component. So, I switched it on, which cleared up much of my problems, which could still allow the camera to auto focus. Altho' I often times hate auto focus. At night, it's difficult to manually focus.

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