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Monday, September 10, 2012

Arrival of The Ominous Storm Front in Marcus Hook PA


This storm RUINED my other photography project!

But, at least several of these got published in Yahoo Weather App!

A Flock of Seagulls!!!

-and I raa-a-a-an, I ran so far awaaaay-ay-ay!

 So, I still have a thing for lampposts... It's my style..

 Basically, what you're seeing is the storm front rolling in. You can also see clear sections of the sky.
I also got rained on after I shot these.

The river you are seeing it The Delaware River, from Marcus Hook Municipal Park, in PA. The land you see on the other side is New Jersey.

The Delaware River is the landmark border which separateness NJ from PA. NOt only that, but the soil in NJ, is totally different than the soil in PA.

You could grow tomatoes on this side of the river, and tomatoes on the opposite side, from the same pack of seeds, and the same time, but they won;t taste or look anything alike.


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