Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pirate Festival in Marcus Hook PA 2012

So, here I am, up to no good, at the Pirate Festival. 'Tis I, in character as Marshall Kändiß (or Marshall Kandice, but it sounds like "Can-Deess").
That's right! I out-rank ye all!

Being wicked & naughty is somewhat exhausting...

I ordered Pirate Pebbs, my accomplice, to use my camera and shoot some photos of me!

Here I be with me accomplice, Pirate Pebbs, giving an interview to the press about how wickedly naughty we are, and our insidious antics we get up to!

(These 2 Photos are by "Pyracy Pub")

When you're a Pyrate like us, sometimes you just can't help it, but ye just gotta steal something!

So, I stole the show from the band "Pirates For Sale" whom I'd been up to no-good antics with the very night before! ARGH!

 These photos are by "Pirate Pebbs"

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