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Saturday, May 9, 2015

櫻桜 New England Sakura May 2015

I shot these yesterday morning. It was very cold.
I was experimenting.  with multi SLR filters...

South Weymouth Mass., South Shore Greater Boston,
New England, USA
櫻桜 Sakura Cherry Blossoms 2015 May


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Friday, May 8, 2015

Trader Joe's Coconut Green Tea

 Well, in case you didn't follow my Instagram, nor my Twitter, you would've known I'm obsessed with Trader Joe's foods. They are clean, affordable, generally more healthy, and delicious.
Got some of this "Coconut Green Tea" which has LEMONGRASS and ginger! Very nice Thai flavored tea. You can drink it: hot, cold, or with milk or cream with or without sweetener. 

Today is definitely an Alan Watts sort of day. Got kind of chilly outside, typical new England May, warm, then cold, and for all I know, it might randomly rain...

Anyways, here's the view from my table in my so-called balcony on the first floor.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Sunset Daffodils

Well, I guess I haven't kept up with this blog as much as I'd thought I did.

I've shot so much photography, and published it all over the place like Google+, Facebook, and Flickr, but I thought I placed it here.

I shot so much stuff in 2012, that I guess I've just never gotten around to ever posting it.

I used a vintage VIVITAR 55mm orange filter on these.

They were sometimes called "sunset filters", but were originally invented for black & white photography to help the film exposure see things like the sky which is often as "nonrepro blue". Using orange light band wavelength would clash with the blue light band and what would normally show as nothing on the film negative exposure would show up as a sky, or whatever you were using a color filter for.

In the 1970s orange filters were popular in color photography giving it a sunset effect which looked like a sunset lighting, but usually used for human portraits or figures. My father extensively studied this technique as a teenager, and actually took college classes just to learn how to use his camera. And, I learned this technique directly from my father.

I'd seen this technique in magazines & editorials throughout the 1980s-1990s then it just sort of fell out of use.

I'm also using a common SLR FOG FILTER in these.

I like to experiment with everything in a nontraditional way. And, I'm always very psyched about finding and using old vintage components like filters, or lenses.

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