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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Water Flow [South Field]

Like I was saying in the previous blog entry... I walked all the way to South Field, which altho' it's a long distance, it's a long long walk, even tho' I practically live next to it... it's an old naval Air Base which is allegedly not in use (yeah right), which has some areas that had toxic chemical spills, and the JUST BUILT a whole neighborhood inside and sold EVERY unit to richards. Way to go! American capitalism!

Anyways, much of the place I wild and grown over, and they no longer grow crops on the farmland area (probably due to toxic waste spill scandal).

Anyways, I specifically walked there with the intent of doing some reflection/water studies, and experiments. I had some SLR filters on also, and shot everything manually, with the intent on gray scale study/focus. I did manage to get color shots, but the mood and feel is different and won;t be included here at all in this entry. (You could check my Flikr gallery for some, tho'.)

There are all kinds of waterways passing through South Field. Much of them are drainage ways that flow to the "Great Pond" Reservoir, one of several in Weymouth,  since the founders of this "town" which is now legally a "city". There are also wetlands and marches all over the place.

This one was this fast moving canal that is very wide, and has the clearest of water compared to the other waterways.

In order to see this one, the ground is raised up, so, you must climb it, and you can see what, to the untrained eyes looks like a lake or a pond...

See how it appears to end? Like it's a pond? 
 Actually, it's a canal, and it moves fast, and travels underground.
If you scout out the terrain, you can see what I mean. There's even some kind of pipe-work running above ground, which you can see.

 From here you can see  the airbase plane hanger.... which is allegedly not in use, and condemned... except whenever ANY president, vice president, secretary of state, or any bigwig from D.C. comes to the state, it swarms with choppers for days. We had dignitaries from Iran here just a few weeks ago, and this place was so loud with activity.

Anyways, I like these shots, they turned out very nice. :)

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