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Friday, May 22, 2015

水 Flowing Waters of Spring [South Field) 001

Florence Scovel Jewelry
So, these are the color version I shot at South Field... IMHO they aren't as good as my B&W ones.... even tho' those r dark n sorta creepy...

You can find some of these on my Flikr gallery if you want to see some on there also.

These remind me very much of this song by Erasure from my favorite album by them "I Say I Say I Say":

Water has always been a major focus in my work from time to time, other times it's Air/Wind, or Light (which often ties into WATER), and all of these can be earthy yet also ethereal or esoteric simultaneously. *shrugs* Whatever, I'm just me....

Another thing these remind me of are a Poem I wrote in high school (mid 1990s) but for some reason it doesn't allow embedding of poems from DeviantArt anymore.
Here's the link to my poem which has 2 parts. It's "Part 2" which reminds me of these...

I have more but, I think this enough for one entry...

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