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Monday, June 11, 2012

Posting Professional Profile Photos Online

So, I'm in the market for a new career, new opportunities, and so on. IN case you haven;t noticed, in America, it's much harder for women than men, because people judge women more on just their appearance, often before they even consider your qualifications. (Story of my life)

So.... with much frustration, I've been working on my online job seeking profile photos.

Since I'm seeking office type of work, I can;t have my profile picture looking like a belly dancer, even tho' I am a belly dancer, or an Otaku, or a Comic Con Fan Girly... even tho I kinda am, on both the business side, and the fan side...

Here are a few that didn;t quite make it:


 So, these just didn't quite make it. I need a new battery, because the only one I have doesn't hold a charge very long, so I can;t get enough frames fast enough.

Plus, so much trouble getting a good shot while the clouds aren't blocking the sun. Really frustrating.

These should've been good, but still didn't turn out right. The make-up was right too.

I'm not sure how I feel about black for this stuff yet. I worry about looking like a funeral going mourner... I also don;t want to look Halloween-ish, now unsightly shadows on the face. What I don;t like about these is the ugly Harry-Potter-looking scar on my face. 

Now, when it came to just researching make-up alone, I was totally lost. I've been researching for months. There's no 1 exact perfect rule. NO one agrees. Each employer has different opinions.

At 1 point I even looked up various make-up artists whom did the make-up for a number of GOP women running for office. Really weird for me to do, since I'm a Progressive...

So, the final stuff I have, I'm rather happy with... I might try some more photos just to see what I might come up with but, I like what I have here.


 I was afraid to shoot in red, originally, because I was afraid it was too much. But, since all my duds happened in black, and that day I felt like a RED mood, I just went with it.

Red is actually a Power Color, and it's scientifically proven that people pay attention to you more & better when you wear red. It's also been proven that even in the presence of a red light, or dressing in red, your physical strength can increase up to %15.

 For me, wearing red has always been a successful trick. When I interview I notice red works better, even tho' most classes I attended seemed to profess dark colors were best.

The red here worked out really well. The reflection of the light gives a rosy glow, which makes me look more lively, and not too old.

The flowers also add to it and keep a feminine feel to it.
 Since greens & reds are complimentary colors on the color wheel (Color Theory) it balances out just right.

The difference between the  photoshoots are totally different. I don't look like The Addams Family, The Twilight Zone, Twilight blood sucking vampires, etc.
 So... that's my process of trying to get some better photos... hopefully, I can start a new career, eh?

So, if you'd like to see some of my photos of what one should NEVER use if you're seeking a job, you'll want to look at these disasters.

Somehow, in those I look like a creepy, Gothic, pasty, vampire... which was NOT what I was looking for!