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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barnes Water Tablet Fountain Photographic Study on the Ben Franklin Parkway Philadelphia

I have a specific style for a number of things, artistically. I just know what I like. Sure, I can be thoughtful, but I also like to FEEL. It shows in all of my art, writing, costume making, and photo/video...

I, just like many folks, am very curious, and just like when I 1st started sketching, I liked to draw shiny things, like water & reflection, but I also like color! 

So, something I'm often very curious to go find, explore, paint, draw, or photograph are things like waterfalls, and water fountains. It's my style! For years, I would search to find local waterfalls or water fountains where I lived in Greater Boston, but also where I lived in Philadelphia. 

I have always been inclined to explore & find unknown, and unseen, places that just don;t come to mind, as well as the very well known fountains or waterfalls.

So, When I found photos that other folks has taken of waterfalls on the Wissahickon, naturally, I wanted to go shoot some of my very own. To explore, and to experience... 

I photographed a whole set on Chestnut Street Center City/Rittenhouse of the fountain in the Collins Park. But, I shot the usual Logan Square swan fountain, the LOVE Park/JFK Plaza Fountain, and I did a photo shoot at Sun Set behind the Art Museum of the Schuylkill River and the gazebos in front of the Waterworks near Boathouse Row. 

I'd been dreaming of doing these things for years, and I'd googled the heck out of all of them, searched Flickr, and the usual places to find photographs of specific places of interest...

Little did I know, that by publishing my photographic art work this summer, I would inspire several people to find the very same places. Sure I tagged my stuff, lots of tags... But, I also did ALL that hard work trying to find those places, and capturing these things at JUST the right times! 

Not ONLY did I notice that people visit these places I went, but actual pro photographers would go and shoot the same places I went. Places I'd gotten published on Yahoo Weather App for Project Weather. I noticed some photos literally used the EXACT same filters I used! And, I didn't even write the filter I used in my descriptions! So, I'm pretty flattered! 

Anyways, I wanted to make the most of my time in Philadelphia. It's NOT just some city to me. It's PHILADELPHIA! I am photographing what I see, the way I see it! Because I LOVE Philadelphia! And, I wanted to share it's beauty with the whole world as well! 

So, I figure since people ARE searching things like "Philadelphia" and "water fountain", the let me share with something truly beautiful which I have YET to see ANY photographer do it any justice! 

You won't find ANY descent photographs of it ANYWHERE else... UNTIL TONIGHT! 
So, I'm gonna call it! It's September 19th, 2012, and I, Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang (Black UniGryphon), will be THE 1st, and THE ONLY person, as of this point in time, to show you literally from my very own vision! 

This fountain is located by the Barnes Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway. If you blink you will miss it!

I've been up & down the Parkway several times and had NEVER even noticed it, especially since I generally tend to walk on the opposite side... The Parktown Place Side... It's BEFORE the Rodin Museum... So, if you get to "The Thinker" (statue) then you've passed it...

I actually stumbled across this... I mean I almost literally tripped and fell into it... 

I was walking down the Ben Franklin Parkway, looking for things to photograph, and I thought the trees along the Parkway looked nice... so, I was shooting... 

Can you see it here??? 

 Can you see it yet???

It's definitely there!
But, you probably won't even hear  it yet either....

But, here it is! 

I just kept calling it The Water tablet Fountain... I forget what it's actually called... 

But, that's the Barnes Foundation Museum behind it... 

So, I devoted a very large chunk of time on a photographic study of this fountain. 
Let me share with you something beautiful from the city I love, The Great City of Philadelphia!

 It's quite long.

 Fog filter

 Multi filters

 Macro studies

 I shot from both ends...