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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Misc. Wissahickon Warefalls: DSLR "Tv" Effect

Here are just a few extra frames I shot experimenting with "Tv" mode on my DSLR CANON REBEL XS at the Magarge Dam Waterfalls on the Wissahickon Creek in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, PA.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wissahickon Magarge Waterfall: "Tv" Photo Effect

This is what the DSLR manual will call "more advanced techniques".
Well, I don't know anything about that. But, it's tricky, and I'm still learning it.
It's a setting on the DSLR (Canon Rebel XS) called "Tv".

Generally, the manual instructs users to try this with running water, like water fountains and waterfalls, and I often see this effect on running water to give it a foamy look. But, the manual says it can be used for motion blurs on stuff like running children, or whatever.

The trouble with it is that it has a tendency to white wash everything, especially in direct sunlight. So, I haven't quite figured it out entirely when programming the camera. My only trickity-lil-trick so far is to just shoot in ambient daylight, like cloudy or partly cloudy when a cloud blocks the sun. Unless I figure out a better way to program it. (Still learning.)

I still haven't tried it at night yet, either. But, I would like to. So, these are all just experimental for me.

To give you an example of just what exactly this is, I'll show a comparison:

Without "Tv" With "TV"

Hopefully this explains it better than words. But, you can also tell how much brighter the "Tv" makes it. Since I shot these when a giant cloud blocked the sun for a while! Also, it MUST be shot on a tripod with a remote. Mine is an old vintage tripod, so it's wobbly! So, I have to stand there, brace the tripod, and shoot several frames in order to get it something right. Anyways, like I said: I'm still learning....

Sunlight with cast shadows/shade

Cloud blocking sunlight ambient light

Foamy swirls

If you would like to see more photos of the waterfalls or of Wissakickon, check all my posts for August 2012.