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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Huo Guo (Chinese Hot Pot) Chinese New Year 2013 (poverty edition)

I still love publishing my photography onto my blog here. I just kept putting it off for job searching stuffs. But, I hope to publish more of my Autumn and snow stuff.

I've also gotten back into vlogging (video blogging) again, because Google sweetened & upgraded my contracts last year.


This was probably THE WORST EVER Chinese New Year for me EVER! Utterly poor.... as in poverty... not a very good Christmas either... but then again 2012 was probably my WORST EVER birthday as well... whatever, can;t get my hopes up for anything anymore, and there's another economic crash coming somewhere on the Horizon. Iceberg strait ahead!

Meanwhile, we still need to eat....

So, here is just some brief photos I took from my very, very poor, impoverished Chinese New year this year. :-/

But, at least we got to have some huo guo (Chinese Hot Pot)

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