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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Up

You don't always need make up to shoot a photo. But, it ALWAYS makes you look better! Men too!

But, even using makeup won't always make you look good if your angles & lighting are poor.

Let me show you several of my duds:

Oh, yeah! Those are horrid!

There are some ways to explain makeup better than others. And, humor is a good way:

How to Trick People Into thinking You're Good Looking:

Then there's this girl, who cheated ALOT by using a contact lens to make her iris look larger:

In Asia there's this craze with large eyeballs, or making at least the iris look larger.

Here's a video from Taiwan:

Altho' I find Taiwanese TV to be childish & immature, I kind of understand why. They grow up with SO much pressure as a child to do and complete so much work, studies, and many kids have gray hairs because of the stress. So, when they become adults they often look for excuses to be childish & silly. It's way over the top for me, tho'. And, I can seriously be funny or silly.

Don't feel bad if you don't understand them. I can understand the Mandarin, but Taiwan people speak Mandarin with an accent, and sound foreign to me. In this video they switch dialects a number of times, so several parts I can't even understand.

Makeup contorting for MEN (Non glamorous):

Again with all things, you'll need to research, and especially do lots and lots of practice!

That means take lots & lots of pictures!

I personally stink at makeup, and I'm still learning. I'm generally allergic to most makeup and I just found out many lipsticks have lead in them.

So, I generally take several pictures, as much as I can. Then, I weed through them until I find the best ones. Most of the really awful photos I delete.

And, then I make a folder on my hard drive of the best ones.

But, it's not JUST for portraits. I do that with EVERYTHING I shoot. I'm also that way with my sketching. Sketch, sketch, sketch!

I like to have a theme, and stick with it for a while, and just focus on that theme, over & over.

As I do it more often, I will notice an improvement from the various photoshoots I do. Just like flipping through a sketchbook!


That's called practicing!


So, having said that, I'm QUITE sure that all those beautiful celebrities out there, are actually just plain ordinary people too.

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