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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Giant Double Rainbow

I dunno... when I was kid, I was outside way more often than as an adult, but even as a child or a teenager, rainbows were incredibly rare.

However, ever since about the year 2000 I see at least 1 or more starting in Spring. And, since about 2004-5 I see so many per year. They are much more common in the Spring time, I usually see about 1 or more during Summer & Fall, but since about 2010 I have seen them in Winter virtually every year, just not always whilest I have my DSLR, let alone a camera phone at all.

I have also noticed that I have seen rainbows in the evening around dusk, which I found unusual, since there shouldn't be enough light.

Anyways, I have seen & photographed just SO many rainbows that I'm starting to get bored... I wouldn't have even shot this if my spouse hadn't myself & my daughter all riled up because this one was exceptionally gigantic. Which excited my sense of challenge in trying to capture it.

It was actually a double rainbow, but didn't quite photograph the 2nd rainbow, which is a reflection of the original, an optical illusion.

I like to try to capture the rainbows as best I can without post processing later... that's kind of the challenge. Most everyone else is Photoshop needy...

Photographed in South Weymouth, Greater Boston, South Shore (New England)

"Black UniGryphon" TM 烏獨角獸
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang 任思麒 ©2014

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