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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Waves In Motion Sequence Set 03

Experimental : Waves in Motion Sequence 03

Wessagusset Beach, North Weymouth, MA
By the Yacht Club
Boston Skyline, South Shore Area,
Greater Boston, New England

RocketFish: UV Filter 58MM, RF-UVF58
Generic Chinese 4 point Star Cross Filter SRB (Behind UV)


Waves in Motion MACRO Set 03

Waves in Motion MACRO Set 03

Waves in Motion MACRO Set 03

Waves in Motion MACRO Set 03

Waves in Motion MACRO Set 03
In some of the frames you can see what appears to be some type of luminescent materials.
At first, I thought it was a side-effect of the filters in combination with the electronic components & programming of the camera... Perhaps a side effect of the lens, or the inner workings of the DSLR which work VERY different than analogue, and use it's own internal calculated "algorithms" to filter what the image SHOULD look like.

But, my daughter kept find these rocks that were covered in a GREEN algae-like substance, and kept showing it to me. I was like: Uh-huh, that's nice... it's just some algae with some worm-like organism on it...

But, the things I'm picking up on the equipment SEEM to be showing THROUGH the water, form BENEATH it, and being refracted but the waves.

I was using a UV filter (one of several which I have) with a star cross-hair filter beneath that. So, I thought well it MUST be an optical effect of THAT, right?

But, the phenomena don't occur in ALL the photos, and ONLY in THAT spot.

Also the green glow shows no signs of the STAR effects on them like the glistening of the water ripple highlights.

I HAVE also heard of a type of algae or plankton that use bio-luminescence that can cause the beach to glow at some times of the year. I just never heard of it this far North.

So... is it bio material?

Or, is it a mechanical effect?

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