Friday, September 2, 2022

New England Sakura Photography, Cinematography, N Ambient Music



 During the 2020-2021 Pandemic Lockdown I shot a series over several days, while suffering from anemia, of Cherry Blossoms in different months because each type of tree blossoms at different times or under different weather conditions. Unfortunately I missed out on some of the best shooting conditions in 2020 for obvious reason despite mostly perfect weather that year. I also caught 2-3 nasty flu viruses that year (no, it wasn't COVID). 

I got 2 new lenses in 2021, including a Cinema Lens by Rokinon & an Art Lens by SIGMA. 

My main focus was to get B-Roll Footage for my Relaxation Content on my YouTube Channels. But, I also shot stills. When I submitted my film "Succor Forlorn" to Film Festivals, I actually learned so much that I didn't even KNOW that several Film Festivals actually had Photography Contests. 1 of the AMAZING aspects of the world of Indie Films is THE PEOPLE, and several of the Scouts would actually ask me to submit my photography.
So, the Sakura Project DID ACTUALLY win a few awards and also got an "Official Selection" which mean it was featured at the Festival, much like a Gallery Exhibit. 

Theses are the Videos I Produced with the footage, and to date THEY ARE MY MOST SUCCESSFUL Videos on the Channel "Oppressed By Purple":


The Video Portfolio on Behance 001

 The Video Portfolio on Behance 002


The Award Winning Frames here THESE:

新英格蘭櫻花  by 任思麒 Kandice Zimbleman on

These are The Awards:


I figured I'd just add this part at the end, because while I shot the footage I also simultaneously shot Pokemon Go AR+ (Augmented Reality) footage on my SAMSUNG GALAXY S10E, which I also produced into videos for the OTHER CHANEL: "Oppressed By Violet"


The Porfolio on Behance

Xernea Portfolio on Behance

Friday, June 17, 2022

Wissahickon Falls Babbling Brook ASMR Philadelphia



 Here is an ASMR video I produced. 


I shot this footage with my little brother Ken in 2020 down in Greater Philadelphia. But, I couldn't really post it because people were too upset about going outside during the pandemic. 

I'm open to doing more, I shot a number of clips from this location.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Boho Chic Decor Tipsy TV Project 2018

 Cocktail by 任思麒 Kandice Zimbleman on

 Usually I post this sort of stuff to my other blogs like my Boho blog or my Main Art Blog, but I felt like I was neglecting this blog a bit. Anyways, I'm down in Philadelphia and my dad's house has fast internet, unlike my home, so, I'm uploading stuff here.

But, back in 2018 I invested in some new equipment and shot quite a lot of experiments, photos, B-roll footage and more. I shot stuff for my own TV Show projects at WCA9 and also for my friend's film "The Holy Maple Tree". I bought a 50mm prime lens, a camera crane jib, a floating head video tripod, and even rented a CANON 135 f/2 lens, got a an Action Camera, and many other things.

1 of the TV Shows I worked on was "Tipsy TV" which I made the intro graphics & footage for and eventually became THIS:


That project crashed N burned.... (I didn't really want to work much on the project, because it wasn't mine, but I knew most of the people that did work on it.) but my work was the only good part. So, I repurposed it for my own project the way I wanted it:

 Here's the original test footage work I did. I worked on this a lot.

 It was a very very very long series of nights and days of discussions about what the head Creator/Director/Producer wanted. Anyways, I was never paid for it, and I own all of my footage, plus the producer canceled their project.

The photography I made during those experiments and practice sessions which was several days and nights during a major nor'easter blizzard, got awards and high ranks in my GuruShots.

Wissahickon Trail Philadelphia

 I'm visiting my father down here in Philadelphia. (He has fast internet/wifi which is why I'm uploading so much this morning, my internet in Greater Boston is awful, n by this point most things won;t even upload.) Last night I went with my brother on the Wiassahickon Trail. These I shot on my Samsung Galaxy which backed up to my Google account.

But, my DSLR photos can't upload to this laptop because I didn;t bring the cable, n there's no SD card port on it either. So, I'm S.O.L.!

Bonaventure Florida - SOFIA Brut Rose Wine on Ice in Balcony


The Balcony view at my dad's timeshare in Florida Pre-Lockdown in early March 2020 

SOFIA Brut Rose Monterey County 2017 wine I bought at Target in Florida