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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunset Behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art: Schuylkill River (With Humidity)

Sunset Behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art:
Schuylkill River 費城! 

The gazebo I shot from is actually called The Mercury Pavilion.

It's dated as 2007, however, I used to frequent the gazebo since 1998, and I can tell you both gazebos are OLD! Older than 2007! 

So, even tho' it's a week AFTER the ideal week to shoot from, and the humidity was about 44% (higher than my last photo shoot) I still got some reds. I would've preferred higher humidity, and also last week, but there's always next year!

If the humidity was as high as it was a few days ago, I could've shot much more reds  in the sunset. But, oh well, that's the nature if it all.

The clouds worked out really well for these.

This first one here, I used a filter. The rest are natural.

 Compare these photos to my previous photo shoot behind the Art Museum.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Misc. Philadelphia Photos

Just a number of Photos of interest throughout Philadelphia in the past week.

July 4th, Philadelphia Art Museum Fairmount Park Block Party. Various Musicians/artists playing live. Literally ON the Ben Franklin Parkway street.

 Block party in the day time on Ben Franklin Parkway.
July 4th, 2012 


 Carnival on Ben Franklin Parkway July 4th 2012
 Logan Square, Center City Philadelphia,
July 2nd 2012
July 2nd Behind the Art Museum at the LARGE Gazebo by the River.

I had an interview in Manayunk in the morning, and I was stuck in these clothes all day, sweating my life away.

Regardless, after I went to Starbucks, I got majorly bloated due to hormones. :-/

Found the drinking fountain on the other side of the Parkway AFTER I desperately needed it, and spent my money on salty soda.

I also didn;t go to any of the Occupy protests. I thought about it... but, no...

Face Painting in West Philly Clark Park


Summer Solstice Festival in Clark Park, West Philly w/Pirate Pebbs

I tried to dress light, but still sweaty, n getting used to heat.

They had a cart there with THE BEST falafels EVER!

June 30th, I think this was.

We made the costumes ourselves more or less.

July 4th Art Museum Firework 費城!

Well, I guess this is the best I could do. I had a REALLY great time!

The musicians/artists playing live:

Lauren Hill, Queen Latifa, Darrel Hall, The Roots, Jonas Brothers, and MORE. But, I couldn't get close enough to shoot any.

BIGGEST block party EVER!

The humidity was PERFECT for photography! RICH SATURATED COLORS, full atmospheric density. 52%+ humidity


I had no control over who's heads were in the frame. So, whatever. They're all shot on manual on various exposure lengths.  If you want to look at more check 'em here. 

Anyways, still learning... 

Sunset At Philadelphia Museum of Art: LOW HUMIDITY


So, this was a bit of a dream come true for me! Only thing is, this was a low humidity day, so the colors weren't quite as rich as if it has been HIGH HUMIDITY.

The LAST week of JUNE and the FIRST week of JULY is THE BEST time to shoot to get the specific light & colors.

I shot these on July 2nd, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in near Center City. 費城! 

 I used to live on Ben Franklin Parkway in 1999. But, from 1998-2001 and a few other years after when I was in Philly, end of June and Early July, I would take special notice of the sun sets behind the Art Museum. From about 2000-2004 there were many renovations done back there, so it's much different now. But, the sunsets are special JUST at this time, and ONLY from specific locations at the Museum.
There are 2 gazebos there. I've shot at the waterfront LARGE gazebo in 2011 for a wedding with a special permit. But, This time was FREE.

 The sunsets still look good in Spring & Fall, but this specific Solstice time is especially unique. THE COLORS! I know this because I also PAINT, and studied Meteorology in Environmental sciences, as well as 3D CGI rendering. So, I NEEDED to know this stuff.

I finally got MY chance to shoot here, since my camera is at least good enough. This project took me several hours.
I needed to bring my tripod.

I will try to make another attempt this week, during high humidity. This will hopefully get more RICH reds in the sky.

Some of these DO use filters.

 If you wish to see more, Museum Sun Set in Philly